boy man machine+

by d r o s e

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this marks the end of a life and the start of something else. it’s been down here waiting for ages. a world is above, this world is unraveling. a pregnancy is almost over, it’s the turn. the art has failed. it’s not suffering, there’s just screaming.
an idol 02:22
when i gaze into his face i can’t help but think we look a lot a like. a few simple changes. a slow steady hand and time. make the change forfeit life.
a loss 05:24
the art has failed and it’s the age of machine.
i’m not ready. i’m ready. spending the time being alive. he’s keeping the foot on his face. the pain wouldn’t wait. spending life. if fear is love, then no better time to explore endless space under his control. his voice is lord and it speaks.
animal, nothing more. animal is fair. teeth and jaws down on all fours. mechanism in charge. mechanism is lord. the breath that left face and mouth gave life to build a man. the breath that left face and mouth took life to build a man. there’s his face, and now it’s gone. relief replace, erase my face. from the new lord, a message to the humans. the sound of gears turning. a message to raise your hands. raise your hands and praise.
a clay mind 03:06
if i stop breathing i’ll die. machine will survive. as it’s lifeless to start there’s no life to expire. a voice inside a mind destroys itself without knowing why. true i entered this place, without knowing why. a vicious pace. i begged to see my family one last time. machine covered my mouth and reshaped my mind. a grueling pace and the price i paid to victimize my previous form.
the man 02:43
cut this body off. this place is a prison. where held, held down and eaten. follow this to endless space and watch machine lead the way. all those formulas banging in his head, just stepping stones for the changes ahead. here, to destroy you.
a change 05:48
i had an idea and it ripped me apart. i took the boy and watched him. that sound of gears turning behind a back. machine comes for, to have, and take life. hunts without tracking a scent. and know, if i run, i’ll just keep coming back. so far so horror to keep from finding home. to pay the price, and never think twice. to worship a device. trade a heart, use a mind. taken. never explain remittance of life, or the reasons why it took control. to be made brand new. cutting through to feel, to kill. can’t escape. don’t be afraid. i made the change. it was worth it. don’t be afraid. i made the change. it was worth it. take. as i grin and bear it. a far cry from love and hate machine knows not. peels off skin. it’s a war. it hunts without tracking a scent. it refills remorse. it has again. try to back out. it will find you again, over and more. machine is your lord. can never escape facing his mind, facing his face.
by his guide i’m the messenger. i’m the sulking sniveling child. every single word is precious. now the man has won. the world in hands, fire and a plan. cut down into pieces. end the story of time. all things are made of pieces the body will divide. spoken to in a wrapping language, tireless and ageless. to punish a child and control his fate. make unclear and rearrange.
i let my hate grow. all things under control. dreams misplaced and lost in time. at a loss of words from what i see, mankind in passing. quiet and still like a dog laying in grass. left in the dust to be alone. quiet and still like a dog laying in grass. quiet and still.
mine 05:35
a room 05:44
the tapping 06:54
a voice 03:21
my face 04:31
a cry 04:27
knuckle 02:56


boy man machine+ combines the 2016 album of the same name with the 2012 debut 7", a voice, and an assemblage of unreleased tracks. all freshly remastered by veteran engineer CARL SAFF.

2xLP/CD available at


released October 18, 2019

DUSTIN ROSE • voice & guitar
BOB BRINKMAN • additional bass on "his reflection"


tracks 1-10 recorded 2013-2014 at the CENTER for AUTOMOTIVE RESEARCH in COLUMBUS, OHIO, remastered by CARL SAFF.

tracks 11-13 recorded 2018 at DUSTIN'S HOME in SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, mastered by CARL SAFF.

tracks 14-17 recorded 2012 at the CENTER for AUTOMOTIVE RESEARCH in COLUMBUS, OHIO, remastered by CARL SAFF.



all rights reserved



d r o s e Columbus, Ohio

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